A Positive Failure?

“To try and to fail is better than not trying at all” or so the old saying goes . . .

A little while ago I decided to try something new.

I was interested in Mixer, Microsoft’s proprietary streaming platform (formally known as Beam). A few of my Twitch friends, who had suffered ill fate at the hands of Twitch, moved over to Mixer and I was soon to learn of the platforms “Interactivity”, which was a big selling point for me as well as it’s almost non-existent latency (Know as FTL (Faster Than Light) protocol). I made the decision at the time to leave Twitch and stream solely over on Mixer, in the hope to build a new community, while allowing my current community to come and experience the new journey with me.

In the opening weeks, I found it was great. I was build followers and generally having fun. But something weird was happening . . . I was still gaining followers back on Twitch, despite not streaming there. This posed the question to me – Was I doing the right thing?

Determined to continue building on Mixer, I enlisted the help of Re-stream, a multi-stream platform where I could simul-stream to both Mixer and Twitch. After running with this for a couple of weeks the evidence was there for me, plain to see. Mixer just wasn’t working for me and all my viewers were coming to watch me on Twitch. In addition I noticed another issue. By streaming to the third party, latency was increased and some viewers were up to 20 seconds behind the stream. Given that one of the main reason for moving to Mixer in the first place was to decrease latency, this was becoming a frustration for me.

So as of today, Tuesday September 25th, I’ve decided to U-Turn on my decision and return to streaming on exclusively on Twitch. Whilst I would say Mixer hasn’t worked for me, I’ve also not been streaming as regularly as I’d like to, which isn’t a helping factor. But to try and build a new community in a new location when you can’t have a regular / solid streaming schedule just isn’t going to work. I have nothing against Mixer and still think it’s a fantastic platform, but if something isn’t working or isn’t quite right for you, you have to make changes.

I would like say a big thanks everyone in the Mixer Community who has helped and supported me in the setup and during my time streaming on the platform.  You Guys Rock!

In my view it’s better to try than wonder “What If” – NOCK

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