Back to Life, Back to Reality

So I’m determined not to let the blog fall by the wayside already, so hopefully this post isn’t too random . . . . 

As much as being on holiday is a good thing, as my wife always says you need to come home so you can go on the next one. Holiday is one of those times where you let loose and eat and drink like it’s going out of fashion. Which is great, but when you’re “naturally fat” like me, it just means extra work when you get home. 

The truth is I really over indulged on holiday and ended up putting like a stone (14lbs on), totalling a whopping 16st 0.75lbs – something I’ve not weighed for ages. So I always knew that monday morning was going to be a time to get back on the diet, which me and Mrs Nock are always on, but there’s nothing worse than the thought of giving up all that yummy tasty food, while at the same time returning to a massive back log of work. 

Getting back into normal routine wasn’t as hard as I thought actually, apart from the fact the gas lift on my chair was broken so I’ve had to sit almost on the floor all week, but I guess being so busy with work has meant that I’ve not had time to really think about snacking and eating. I’ve not even had the urge to head out to the garage and get a cheeky beer from the drinks fridge. I feel like I’ve come back from holiday refreshed and ready to buckle down with things. I’ve got back to streaming, which is missed, I’ve started new games and I’ve even pre-recorded a load of portal videos and completely cleared my queue (talk about organised). 

So comes the dreaded day where you get on the scales and hope and pray that the week of sacrafice was worth it. And actually, I’m really happy. I lost 6 3/4 lbs which is fantastic. I’m fully aware that your first week back on a diet is always prone for a big weight loss but I needed that. I’ve been trying so hard to keep out of the 15st bracket so to quickly get out of the 16st is a god send. 

I’m in the right mindset at the moment to get back into shape. 4 years ago I was training for a half marathon, and was the fittest I’ve ever been and weighed a lean 13st 11lb, so it would be nice to get back down to that area. I’m determined to get back out and start running again so watch this space and if you see me, make sure you nudge me and tell me to go for that run 🙂

Everyone’s been so supportive to me this week in streams and discord so thanks for the support. It’s great to know my community is supportive and misses me while I’m away. You guys are awesome 😉

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  1. That’s the spirit, Nock! Keep at it, we’ll always be here to support you in whatever life choices you make, especially those for a healthier, happier life!

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