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Duskers Sandbox – v1.0.1 Release Notes

Only 24 hours since the initial release we’re already patching the program.  Many thanks to LB for testing it, bring up an issue and providing his save file for me to test properly.  Below are the change details:

  • Fixed an issue where Reserve Propultion Fuel was capped at 6, meaning if the player had more than 6, the program would throw an exception
  • Removed the No Module Selected option from the module drop downs on Player Ship
  • Added a self fix mechanic to resolve an issue in the save file where one or more ship modules had the same slot number

Please visit the Duskers Sandbox page for the link to the latest version

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The Solder Ship Module

A mystery module which has promise, but what does it do?

So as you may know, I’m currently working on a project of my own creation called “Duskers Sandbox” where the idea is to create an application to allow the user to fully customise the Campaign mode load-out, allowing the player to test and practise different scenarios. For more information about the project, please see the Duskers Sandbox page.

Anyway as part of the project I went through the main save file to find a list of all the available Ship upgrades and I came across one called PermSolder. I threw it onto one of my existing ship modules and fired up the game and two things were uncovered. First of all the realisation that any module with Perm preceding it denotes a permenantly installed module. Not only this, but these modules don’t appear to deteriorate over time. I worked this one out because the module I used to test this had about 9% chance of breaking, but on the ship screen in game, the break % is removed completely.

The second and more interesting discovery with this module is that Solder (or Soder as the game calls it) is a ship module which apparently allows you to break and solder doors on ship. So with this new knowledge it was time to see if I could work out how it operates. I’ll save boring you with the details here as I recorded a YouTube video showing the module in action, so here is a link to the video – [Duskers] The “SOLDER” Ship Slot Module. In short, it allows you to “Solder Shut” a door which may have been broken by a swarm or even by an asteroid collision to prevent radiation, how cool would that be in game! Although it states that you can also break doors, I was  unable to find anything that works currently.

Post recording this video, I’ve had a chat with LB about a couple of things and I’ve got a couple more things to try out with this module so stay tuned for more testing with the module, but if you have any info or knowledge of the module, please feel free to share your comments below. It is currently unknown whether this is a module which is available in game or not, but it would seem bizarre that they put this in and not use it. Having said that, I have discovered at least 2 drone modules which don’t work in game, a SwarmTurret and a Repair (I think it was called) module. When you install these to your ship however, the slot is empty giving the impression they are not working in the current release of the game.

Until Next time, NOCK Out!