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New Set (Thursday, 8th February 2018)

What can I say, I’m prone to not updating the blog.

Firstly, I hope you all had a good festive period and the new year is being kind to you. It’s been a bit of a rocky start to the new year for me. Firstly I was struck down with what I believe to be Food Poisoning, which left me fitting and unconscious on the bathroom floor. Then there was the sad decision to pull the plug on my own Discord server, despite everyone’s best efforts to revive the community.

However it’s not all doom and gloom. I’ve started making some v-log videos over on my YouTube channel, which seem to be going down a storm, so I’ll probably be doing more of them in the near future. Given that my last Mix was posted back in October, you’re probably thinking that I’ve not be doing much in regards to Dj’ing / music. Well that’s not the case. Apart from the one I’m posting here, I’ve actually done 3 other mixes between October and January. What’s more, I’ve been investing in more tracks and spending a lot more time listening to music, watching other DJ’s in action to try and get some tips and tricks. But above all, I’ve been practicing more and more. I’ve installed VDJ on my Windows tablet, which has allowed me to play around with music where ever I go. I’ve also been looking at some more “chilled” dance music and am planning on creating a chilled set in the coming months (stay tuned for that).

Anyway onto this set. This was a “late at night” set. I’d just finished a Portal 2 recording session and had some time to spare and had promised Aerond that I’d do a mix for him and this was the result. Link to download the set is below along with the full track listing and time-stamps. If you’ve got anything you’d like to say (transition suggestions, track suggestions or just general comments), please do leave them below in the comments. It’s always good to hear form you guys. Anyway, until the next time – ENJOY!

Set Download: Download From Google Drive

Track Listing
00:00 | Hi There Radio (Extended Mix) – Orjan Nilsen
04:38 | Artifact – Passenger 10
08:13 | Fireflies (Extended Mix) – Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli
13:30 | Moments (Whiteout Extended Remix) – Andrew Rayel
16:52 | Square One (Steve Allen Extended Remix) – Allen Watts
22:17 | True Love (Extended Mix) – Super8 & Tab feat. Envy Monroe
25:29 | Titans (Extended Mix) – Omnia & Alex Sonata
28:41 | Missing (Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma Remix) – Mark Sixma feat. Emma Hewitt
32:56 | Take Me Away (Dave Neven Remix) – 4 Strings
36:59 | Sensei (Extended Mix) – Steve Allen & Patrick Dreama
40:33 | In the End (Markus Schulz Tribute Mix) – Linkin Park
42:15 | I live For That Energy (ASOT 800 Anthem) (Extended Mix) – Armin van Buuren
46:25 | The New World (Davey Asprey Remix) – Markus Schulz
51:14 | Tonight (Allen Watts Extended Remix) – Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt

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